Bluescape I

Bluescape Resources Company (“Bluescape I”)
Bluescape Resources Company was established in 2007 to pursue the acquisition and aggregation of long-term oil & gas development options, focused primarily on onshore unconventional resources. Since inception in 2007, Bluescape compiled three major mineral and operating positions in U.S. resources in the Marcellus Shale, Eagle Ford Shale, and Mississippi Lime. Bluescape’s primary operations are in West Virginia and Texas.

Bluescape has also assembled two international oil & gas concessions via its subsidiary Nautilus Resources. Nautilus is the majority owner of AleAnna Energy, an entity which owns 100% of AleAnna Resources, a company which owns and operates 900,000 net acres of onshore oil & gas concessions in Italy. More information on AleAnna Resources can be found via their website. Nautilus also owns a major oil & gas concession in Alberta, Canada, in the Canadian Winnipegosis play.

In 2013, Bluescape Resources actively participated in the restructuring and ultimate divestiture of the assets of Edison Mission Energy (“EME”). Bluescape served as an Advisor to the Noteholders of EME and of the EME Reorganization Trust established post NRG acquisition in April 2014.