Bluescape Resources

A Value-Oriented Energy Investment Company

Our Company

Bluescape’s investing follows a value-driven philosophy. Our experience in energy principal investing, as investor and asset manager, spans market cycles and captures every level of the capital structure. Our investing team provides deep knowledge and extensive industry relationships. We have offices in Dallas and Houston, and actively pursue investment opportunities across all dimensions of the energy value chain. Bluescape tackles complexity to create value by thoughtfully recognizing pockets of opportunity and relying on a flexible mandate to structure the best risk reward and rigorous asset management to maximize value.

Bluescape’s energy private equity business has a proven investment track record. It orients around thesis-driven strategies guided by the identification and analysis of deep value driven by commodity market dislocations, demographic trends, or unique pockets of value. This enables us to invest across market cycles and sub-markets, and into both traditional and niche asset classes. Across the energy private equity business, we employ an opportunistic, value-driven style and a flexible approach to acquire energy assets, portfolios, and companies and provide structured credit and equity solutions. Bluescape looks for value in complex investments that most investors lack the inclination, resources, or ability to distill. We emphasize capital preservation and defensive positioning to build scalable platforms in partnership with strong, seasoned management teams.

Our Work

Bluescape invests from $100 to 250 million per investment using its proprietary investment model.

Our History

Bluescape has invested over $2 billion in risk equity since 2007 in approximately 40 discrete platform investments.